Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Nokia 3310 2017 Edition

Reasons Not to Buy Nokia 3310
Reasons Not to Buy Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 is launching in India and will officially be available in stores from May 18 at a price of Rs 3,310. HMD Global, the company that is bringing back Nokia-branded phones in the market, is banking on nostalgia to generate some interest around the brand.

Now that the feature phone fro Nokia is back, there are mixed reviews for this device. The reason is that the Nokia 3310 is a feature phone supporting only 2G connectivity. If people want to buy this device, then it could be for the reason that it is from Nokia. The device brings back nostalgia with the numeric keypad and snake game.

Nokia 3310 - 2017 Edition
Nokia 3310 – 2017 Edition

Why you shouldn’t buy the new Nokia 3310
The new Nokia 3310 may bring a lot of memories of your younger-self but then the times have changed. These reasons might dissuade you from putting your money down for the Nokia 3310.

1. Price

At a price of Rs. 3,310, you can buy a smartphone that supports more features than the Nokia 3310. Considering the entire package, the Nokia 3310 definitely feels slightly overpriced for the Indian market, where similar feature phones sell for under Rs. 1,000.

2. No fast Internet

Nokia 3310 doesn’t even support 3G. You will only get 2G with this phone, and there is only so much you can do with 2G speeds. Also no Wi-Fi support. This also means it won’t work on the Reliance Jio network that offers unlimited calls to its subscribers. Lately, we have been seeing a lot of reports about the new 5G technology which will bring major advancement. Well, most new smartphones that are now launching in the market are all future proof and comes with support for high download speeds upto 1GBps.

3. No Social Networks

Apart from that, the new Nokia 3310 will also have no support for popular apps. The phone comes pre-installed with select apps but there’s no WhatsApp, no Facebook, and no Twitter. Considering that WhatsApp has replaced texts for many of us, it’s going to take some adjustment.

4. Low-res Camera

With advent of smartphones, the selfie camera is a major feature to flaunt in the Indian market. With no front-camera, the Nokia 3310 missed out on a big feature. On the camera front, the new Nokia 3310 only sports a 2-megapixel camera with LED flash, so your photos will leave something to be desired.

5. Low-res display

A 2-megapixel camera isn’t a big problem considering that you don’t have a display to enjoy your photos on anyway. The Nokia 3310 features a 2.4-inch QVGA (240×320 pixels) colour display, compared to the 48×84 pixel resolution of the original. That’s a huge step up, but is still won’t be too handy for any media consumption, of either pictures or videos.

6. Old school keypad

Now that we are all used to the QWERTY keyboard on the smartphones, going to back to the alphanumeric keypad is definitely not going to be a very pleasing experience. Yes, you can use T9 text input method but then again, it is still going to take some time getting used, and honestly, it is a thing of past and shouldn’t be something which we experience in 2017.

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