Top 10 Speaker Brands in India

Top 10 Speaker Brands in India
Speaker Brands in India

Music lovers always demand a soothing music and apart songs the quality of speakers is important to turn the sound best and calming for ears, the best 10 best Speaker Brands in India in the category of computer and laptop will surely help you to buy the best available trustable brand while choosing the best amongst the crowd.

The Best way to turn for a product is to gain all important information about it from the online sources or people with knowledge about the product. Everyone consults experts before buying bulky products, none of us will desire to buy speakers again and again, in order to deal with the best. There is the list of Top 10 Computer/ Laptop Speaker Brands in India.

In order to go for the best speaker in the list you should keep in mind that buying speakers just for Computers/Laptop will be a silly decision. As advancement in technology leads the speaker to be used with Smartphone, Tablets, iPod, DVD input options or even to create Home Theatre Experience while connecting with Television.

Opting speaker with all connectivity options apart just Laptop and Computer will surely mark you a good choice maker. The Audio Jack option should be available with RCA Jack of 3.5mm as the most common option of input, the speaker will also work with gaming consoles and DVD player.

Got the right hack to choose the product, here is the list of Best options available to buy. Here are top 10 Speaker Brands in India.

10. Lenovo Speakers

Speaker Brands in India
Lenovo Speakers

Lenovo shines as one of the leading brand in India with options available in Computer accessories and peripheral Business, offering a range of speakers available for Laptops and Computers. Huge range of options available for every price class, the starting range of speakers starts from INR 775.

9. Dell Speakers

Speaker Brands in India
Dell Speakers

Dell is the no.1 Company in India when it comes to Computers and Laptops, now extending its reach to computer and Laptops accessories ranges. Dell is giving stiff competition to competitors companies, the range of speakers offered under Dell brand includes amalgamate high-end technologies and assures the users a great sound experience with durability. The range of Dell Speakers starts with INR 749.

8. Envent Speakers

Speaker Brands in India
Envent Speakers

The famous Telecom accessories provider with options available in high in technology IT peripherals to be offered, Envent Speakers may be the new name in India market but stands firm as high selling speaker brand Worldwide. Ensuring a high and superior sound quality the Envent Speakers has a starting price range of INR 2999.

7. JBL Speakers

Speaker Brands in India
JBL Speakers

JBL is not a new name to the Indian audience, for music lovers JBL brand serve as the best option available as it offers the perfect base for party mood with stylish speakers that will enhance sound as well as beauty. The most preferred brand while shopping online offers high rate performing models with starting range of INR 1490.

6. Altec Lansing Speakers

Speaker Brands in India
Altec Lansing Speakers

Altec Lansing is an American Brand that is highly applauded by the music lovers Worldwide, the high-quality speakers with top notch and immense choice to made with plenty of models available has emerged as a top speaker based company. Offering a high range price but worth investing, Altec Lansing speakers have a starting price range of INR 9800.

5. Creative Speakers

Speaker Brands in India
Creative Speakers

As the name suggest innovation, the Creative Speakers is a well-known brand that offers series of speakers options available with high-quality sound resolution and pioneering speakers. Speakers that deliver high-end performance offers series of speakers available as gaming headsets, the starting price of speakers in INR 1500.

4. Sony Speakers

Speaker Brands in India
Sony Speakers

The well-known Japanese brand has count as the most trustable brand when it comes to technology, the most bang on quality of speakers Sony offers is that it suites need of each music lovers. Offering compact design and performance Sony Speakers has to start price with INR 1173.

3. Logitech Speakers

Speaker Brands in India
Logitech Speakers

Focusing mainly on providing best accessories for Computer and Laptops, the Logitech in his bag of options offered to the customers includes decorative speakers collection. The range of speakers Logitech offers provides rich sound quality with access to control volume and even bass of the music. The handy speakers range of Logitech starts at INR 730.

2. Philips Speakers

Speaker Brands in India
Philips Speakers

Philips is the most popular and trustable brand in India when it comes to Electronics products, spreading its leg as the Business Giant, speakers with Philips tag are highly recommended and used in India. Offering stunning escape to the music world with middle price range category, Philips offers Speakers starting with range INR 999.

1. iBall Speakers

Speaker Brands in India
iBall Speakers

iBall in the list of best options available in Speakers in India, iBall captures the first spot as apart offering the best possible combination of music and bass, the series of iBall speakers are all wood speakers first of its kind to be developed. Offering great performance at a low price is the success Mantra that leads iBall to the top, series of speaker options available starts at INR 670.