Top 10 Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017
10 Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017

Web browsers are one of the most integral apps on any Android device. Having the perfect features which is backed with good performance can shift your browsing experience to altogether a new level. Finding the right app for a browser can be difficult because there are so many options and the face of the web is ever changing.

Internet browsing has revolutionised user’s approach and ways to browse for stuffs. Earlier, one could just simply browse through the aisle, and not much bother about the additional features browsers has to offers. But now the more the features a browser has the better it is. It is no doubt that we are heavily dependent upon the use of internet and its search engines. These browsers simplifies, the task of the person surfing it using his Android device.

In the ocean of Android apps in the market, triggers the struggle to tap the best Android web browser 2017. There are hundreds of browsers for all android users that are available for free download from the Google Playstore.

In this list below we are rounding up, below the top 10 most downloaded browsers for Android 2017 : 

10. Mercury

This browser has been placed tenth in the list of top 10 most downloaded browsers for Android 2017.

Mercury browser ensures dashingly fast speed and is backed with powerful attributes that enables the user to seamlessly surf the internet space without facing any hitches. The browser safeguard its user’s privacy and security matters.

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017
Mercury browser

Developed by iLegendSoft, this freeware app exhibits features like ad block, flash support, patch download pictures, customise search engine. Mercury browser can be easily downloaded from Google Play and it uses the Webkit engine. Adobe Flash is supported in the Android version.

9. Next

Next Browser provides a very user-friendly interface which lets you have a great internet surfing experience.

The 2016 brand new version ‘Next Browser’ provides all latest and user-friendly interfaces. The browser is backed with add-ons that taps onto the better functionality.

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017
Next browser

One can even retrieve breaking news updates using in its default embedded feature icon. It has other features such as incognito browsing mode, night mode, no image mode, sync bookmarks etc, that makes it highly usable.

8. Dolphin

Eighth in the list of Top 10 Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017, stands Dolphin Browser. The app was developed by MoboTap and is one of the most used browsing app in India and worldwide.

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017
Dolphin browser

It has features that allow users to have tabbed browsing, flash player, Adblock pop up browser, multiple tabs bar, bookmark, ad-ons sidebar, Incognito browser, Gestures, Fast download, personalised searches etc.

7. CM Browser

Seventh in the list stands CM Browser. This browser is secure, compact yet has accelerated speed to offer to its users.

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017
CM Browser

It features like page translators, fraud prevention, font size adjustment, gesture control is a plus for all video game freaks, do-not-track-setting, local weather information and lots others.

The browser also provides protection against malicious downloads and unsecured websites to a great extent.

6. Maxthon

This browser is one of the highest rated browser for Android and has more than 600 million global downloads till date.

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017
Maxthon logo

Maxthon browser exhibits multifarious features like Speed mode, Full-screen mode, Adblock mode, Incognito mode, No image mode, night mode, save page for offline read mode, night mode, fast search mode, translation, bookmarking, download management.

This super fast and safe mobile browser gives you a great surfing experience.

5. One

Fifth in the list stands, One browser. This browser supports web standard HTML5 which lets users access to all multimedia features and mobile gaming experience from the browser itself. This browser has updated its new update with some excitingly new.

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017
ONE Browser

Its new engine update lets the user have boosted the user speed by 47%. The update also brings along many other features like Page Capture, Website View Switcher, easy Switching of websites, Font Size Customisation, Skin change, New UI Design and lots others.

4. Chrome

One of the most widely used app, Google chrome is one of the oldest browser known. This freeware browser was developed by Google and was released in the year 2008.

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017

Google Chrome lets you sync across various devices, save data, enables faster browsing, voice search, intuitive gestures and many other features that simplifies the overall browsing purpose.

3. Opera

Third in the list of Top 10 Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017, has been secured by Opera.

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017
opera mini

The app’s new updated version has built-in features for news feeds, sleek new interface, block ads, compress videos, add to home screen. One can save data by switching onto its data saving mode surfing too. Also, one can browse privately, read comfortably on any screen.

2. Firefox

It is often people’s first browser, and voted as one of the most trusted one of all times.

Firefox known for its very secure privacy options and tracking protection that blocks parts of the web pages that may track your browsing activity.

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017

This browser is also available for iOS, Windows phone, Symbian, Blackberry and other operating platforms in smartphones.

1. UC Browser

Acing the list stands UC Browser, which is the most preferred and downloaded app ever since it was developed.

Most Downloaded Browsers for Android 2017
UC Browser

It offers features like fast browsing, ad blocking, data saving, other powerful functionalities. This browser app lets you tap onto very virtual action seamlessly and readily.

UC Browser has attributes such as like fast download, smooth user experiences, facebook modes and other features. One can even live stream live sports using this browser.