Benefits of Drinking a Glass of Water on an Empty Stomach

Water on an Empty Stomach
Water on an Empty Stomach

Water is something that can cure all your problems. Did you know that if you drink water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, you can actually get rid of several diseases? Most diseases originate in the stomach. And when you drink water on an empty stomach, you will take a massive step towards keeping your stomach healthy.

The basic idea to drink water on an empty stomach comes from Japan. The Japanese people drink at least 4 glasses of water every morning even before they brush their teeth. After this, they do not eat or drink anything for half an hour or so. This water therapy helps them to stay healthy and active. It is a commonly known fact that Japanese people are one of the most active and efficient people in the world.

#1. Clears Your Bowels

First of all, when you drink so much water you feel the urge to pass stools. This means your bowel movement are regularised. When you pass stools every day, your body gets cleared of waste.

#2. Expels Toxins From The Body

Water flushes out toxins that we consume with food or breathe with air every day. So when you drink water and urinate, you are actually detoxifying your body.

#3. Makes You Hungry

Drinking water and clearing your bowels gets rid of your sleepiness. It also makes you hungry early in the morning so that you can have your breakfast.

#4. Keeps Headaches Away

Most of the time, we experience headaches due to dehydration. Drinking water in the morning ensures that your body is not dehydrated.

#5. Cleanses The Colon

Water cleans the colon of accumulated sludge. This helps the body to absorb nutrients faster.

#6. Speeds Up Metabolism

Drinking warm water can raise your metabolic rate by at least 24 percent. This means you digest and assimilate your food faster and end up losing some weight.

#7. Produces More Blood Cells

Drinking water on empty stomach stimulates your red blood cells to grow faster. This in turn results in more oxygenated blood which makes you feel more energetic.

#8. Helps Lose Weight

If you are on a weight loss diet, then you simply must drink water on an empty stomach. This helps to flush out toxic trans fats and also increases the rate of fat metabolism in the body.

#9. Gives You Glowing Skin

Most of acne problems happen when your bowel movements are not clear. Once you have a regular bowel movements, your body gets detoxified leading to lesser breakouts and acne.

#10. Improves Your Immune System

Water is very important for the fluid balance in your body. You immunity to infections increases when you drink water on a empty stomach every day.

Consuming water in the morning is a good habit that we can all form in order to take care of our health and body. For this it is important to note that we should drink water moderately and calmly, as it will not have the same benefits if we drink too much water at one time – which instead can cause health disorders. To consume water on empty stomach, in the morning, consider these recommendations:

  • If you want to drink two liters of water or 4 glasses of water, it is best to divide this amount and drink it 4 times a day. You can start drinking a glass of water on empty stomach, then after breakfast and the other two glasses at different hours before eating another meal.
  • As you get used to consuming water regularly, it is recommended to start with small amounts, you can start drinking a glass of water on empty stomach and you can gradually increase to 2 or 3.
  • The water you drink should be of good quality, so check if the water coming out of your faucet meets the quality standards of drinking water, otherwise, you should get one that is healthy.
  • If you want to complement all the benefits of water for your health with a great ally, you can add to your glass of water on empty stomach a little lemon juice.