16 Surprising And Interesting Facts About Urine

Interesting Facts About Urine
Interesting Facts About Urine

Everyone urinates, but not everyone has a good understanding of what urine is or how the body’s urinary system works. People are often unaware of certain basic facts about urine like its correct color or if there is pee on the moon.

Having many facts about urine making you surprise. It is not simply something defecating from human body you think but it is more than that. Check it right now:

Here are a few lesser-known truths and Interesting Facts About Urine :

1. It’s 95% water

The rest is 2.5% urea and a 2.5% combination of salt, hormones, nutrients, and creatine. Over a lifetime, the kidneys will clean approximately one million gallons of water into pee.

2. Urine color can change

What causes yellow curine? Blame that pink- or orange-ish tint on beets or carrots. And brown or red urine is cause for alarm: It can indicate kidney stones or liver damage. Another thing to consider? Certain drugs and foods rich in B vitamins can change the color, too.

3. Urine Should Not be Completely Clear

The popular belief is that urine should have the appearance of water and that any yellowness is a sign of dehydration. The truth is that there should be some yellow, just not too much. Clear urine can be a sign of over-hydration.

4. Urine that smells isn’t always a bad thing

Sometimes it’s just the foods we eat, including asparagus, alcohol, coffee, and garlic. But, if your urine smells like any of the following you should take note:

5. The average adult produces 6.3 cups of urine a day

The bladder can hold about 2.5 cups of urine at a time for up two to five hours. And you’ll usually start to feel the urge to pee when your bladder has about a cup full.

6. Pee is good for the skin

A synthetic version of urea is often used in moisturizers because it softens skin and in higher doses can be used as an exfoliator. Urea can also treat athlete’s foot.

7. As a man ages, the speed of his urine stream declines

An interesting about urine is that up until age 50, men pee faster than women. But then it starts to decline and women take the lead.

8. Cat urine glows under a black light

Actually, a black light can be used to detect many bodily fluids, but cat pee, in particular, lights up under the light. It contains phosphorus, which glows in the presence of oxygen, even when a black light isn’t on.

9. The World Record for the longest pee is 508 seconds

That’s almost 8.5 minutes.

10. Eating Certain Foods Can Give Urine an Odor

Certain foods and medicines can affect the way urine smells. Asparagus is a well-known example; however, it should be noted that only 20 percent of people have the gene that allows them to smell asparagus in urine. Other less pleasant smells may be due to diabetes or bacteria.

11. You shouldn’t drink your urine

If you happen to be lost in the desert without water, do not drink your urine. It’s full of salt, which can actually make you more dehydrated instead of quenching your thirst.

12. Phosphorus was Discovered by Heating Urine

In 1669, Hennig Brand distilled about 60 buckets of urine in the effort to find gold. His idea was that it was yellow and therefore it may contain the precious metal. Urine contains no gold but it does have a significant amount of phosphates and that is what he found instead.

13. One in Every Five Adults has Urinated in a Swimming Pool

20 percent of adults responding to a 2009 survey admitted to peeing in swimming pools. The strong chemical smell widely associated with swimming pool water is not from chlorine. It is chloramine, the chemical that is produced when chlorine is mixed with urine or the sweat of swimmers.

14. Urine Can be Made into Whiskey

Not only is it possible, it has been done. Urine from volunteers has been purified and added to mash to speed up fermentation. The high sugar content of the urine is what makes it suitable for this.

15. There is Urine on the Moon

The moon is presently home to more than 400,000 pounds of material made by humans. Included amongst the detritus are bags of feces and urine from the moon landings.

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16. Urine Can Cause Frogs to Lay Eggs

A dose of urine from a pregnant woman injected into the female South African Clawed Frog will cause it to lay eggs within 12 hours. The male frogs may also be used to test for pregnancy as they will produce sperm as a reaction to the injection. The reaction is due to a hormone in pregnant women’s urine. An earlier version of the test that used rabbits (the rabbit test) led to the phrase “the rabbit died” becoming a euphemism for pregnancy.


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