Coffee with D (2017) Movie Review By Critics

Coffee with D
Coffee with D

Coffee with D is a Hindi film starring Sunil Grover, Zakir Husain, Dipannita Sharma and Anjana Sukhani directed by Vishal Mishra and produced by Vinod Ramani.

Movie Details :

  • Directed by : Vishal Mishra
  • Produced by : Vinod Ramani
  • Co- Producer: Mohan Sachdev
  • Written by : Aabhar Dadhich (Dialogue)
  • Screenplay by : Aabhar Dadhich
  • Story by : Vishal Mishra
  • Starring : Sunil Grover, Zakir Hussain, Dipannita Sharma, Anjana Sukhani, Rajesh Sharma
  • Music by : Superbia
  • Background score: Dhruv Bhalla
  • Cinematography : Anshul Chobey
  • Edited by : Banty Nagi
  • Production company : Apex Entertainment

Plot :

Arnab is a popular news anchor, he has an expensive lifestyle and a pregnant wife to take care of and losing his job would mean a failure on both counts. But the world trusts Arnab to come up with something new as he has always done and so he does! He decides to infuse a new lease of life in his show by announcing an interview with the most infamous and most wanted don of the Mumbai underworld, ‘D’.

Coffee with D is a hilarious escapade of Arnab and his team of Neha, Roy, Rummy and Chussi. The plot revolves around how Arnab manages to get an audience with D in Pakistan and the extent to which he has to go to make that happen. And finally, the interview with the man himself whose motivations of doing this interview are totally different and utterly sinister.

Trailer :

Coffee with D Movie Review :

Coffee with D (2017) Movie Review By Times Of India

To make a satire on Dawood Ibrahim is a brave effort, no doubt. But is it a successful effort? Barely. For a film that is a satirical take on news channels, it gets its facts askew for comedy’s sake, which is granted. It could have been good film, but the undoing of Coffee With D is its post-production. The film is let down by shoddy editing and a bad dubbing job where entire sentences are muted and out of sync. A story that has potential is ruined by poor execution that distracts you from the plot.
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Rating : 2/5

Coffee with D (2017) Movie Review By Mumbai Mirror

Sunil Grover, known to most as the beloved pig-tailed Gutthi from one of TV’s most popular comedy shows, takes himself a bit too seriously here. And this spells doom for the proficient mimic who ends up channeling too many characters to be able to build upon his own. Zakir Hussain makes the world’s most feared don appear distinctly cocky and reduces him to an extra who chuckles at his own chutkulas. The Censor Board has been meticulous in beeping out ‘Bombay’ and a few other names and words which were possibly deemed objectionable. But the only reason why this film should be held from moviegoers is because it is singularly boring and can be harmful to one’s mental health.
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Rating : 1.5/5

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