7 Surprising Health Benefits of Farting

benefits of farting
Benefits of farting

In some ways, farting is one of our last social taboos. It makes sense — farts stink. There are few moments a fart can’t completely ruin. And if you let one loose in front of someone you’re trying to impress, well, there’s no getting that toothpaste back in the tube.
But it’s not all bad news. Farts are also great equalizers.

The 7 amazing health benefits of cutting wind:

1. Relieving Bloating

It’s especially true that after a meal, many of us feel like our pants don’t fit right. And that’s because they don’t; the portion sizes, fatty foods, and speed at which we eat can all put pressure on our digestive tracts and cause distension. Firing off a room-clearing blast can help you get your jeans done up again.

2. Colon Health

There’s no discomfort quite like the feeling of an un-farted fart. That unrealized potential sits in your middle and messes up your day until it makes its way down the tubes. In extreme — and rare — cases where the intestines have become blocked, that buildup of gas can be downright dangerous. So feel free to let ‘er rip!

3. Prevention

According to research from Exeter University in England, even when you’re wilting the house plants with your ghost poops, you’re preventing future health problems. The hydrogen sulfide that attacks your co-workers with a “rotten eggs” scent is beneficial in small quantities, helping to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and even dementia. Of course, you’ll want to leave the meeting when one of those bombs drops, but now you know it’s not THAT bad.

4. Diet


What you eat now you’ll smell later. Onions or garlic or cabbage, which are good for you and high in fiber, might produce something you can believably blame on the dog. Excessive amounts of red meat, which you know isn’t great for you, might smell like a garbage fire, so you know to cut back.

5. Bigger Problems

You know your own brand. We all do. In fact, studies by some dedicated, possibly nose-less researchers have blown the lid off a groundbreaking revelation: We don’t think our own farts smell as horrifying as others do. So when we’re in particularly bad form, or launching vapor clouds more often than usual (without having beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), it’s probably a good time to see the doctor.

6. Sweet Relief

Sometimes it’s the small things that make your day — the dew drops on the flowers in your garden, the green lights on the way to work, not having to hold in a fart. Because when you get called into your boss’s office for a one-on-one meeting, you don’t want your concentration to be split between salary negotiations and marshaling every muscle in your body to not let an eye-watering fart shake your chair. Is there any better feeling than finally unclenching?

7. Gut Bacteria

All those yogurt commercials were on to something. Healthy, efficient gut bacteria — the ones that help break down your meals — release chemicals that boost the immune system and protect the lining of the intestines. They also produce more, and stronger, gas, which makes you punch above your weight when your bum roars.

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