Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses

Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses
Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses

Well, evolution takes place everywhere, so in Bangladeshi movies, prior to this, they used to be some low budgeted movies, with fat and bulky actresses, and with an average actor. Now they have evolved in certain sectors that now the budget has gone up, also they have started taking beautiful girls on public demand.

These are fit, good looking, heart throbbing and not only they have made their name because of their looks, but also are known for their great performance on the screen.

So here is a list of top 10 most beautiful hottest Bangladeshi Actresses working in present :

10. Alisha Pradhan

Well Alisha is a newbie in Bangladeshi movies, also she is a model and she is awaiting some movies to release. A known face in Bangladeshi modeling, she surely gets a position in this list because of her looks and performance.

Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses
Alisha Pradhan

Born on February 22 1993 she also has been a known face in TV commercials. She made her debut in Dhallywood as a lead actress in the movie Antaranga. She is a daughter of a successful businessman Mr. Monir Pradhan and Hosna Pradhan who is a successful businesswoman and a producer as well. Trained to classical dance and salsa, this girl is a pack with beauty and talent. Also she mastered in Marshal Arts, Bike Riding and Horse Riding for her action movie. She is known to be a great host. Also she works for many charitable organizations and at the age of 16, she was known for taking care of education of more than 6 children. Way to go Alisha.

9. Amrita Khan

Another hot actress in Bengali Cinerma is Amrita Khan. Known more for a model than an actress, Amrita is awaiting many movies to be released. Well she is also one of the new sensations in Bangladeshi media especially in the field of commercial advertisement. Well she is also known as a face in film industry too but still she is a known face more in TV commercials until she gets her movies released.

Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses
Amrita Khan

She started her career with a dance competition and after achieving ample success in it she started modelling and working for commercial advertisements. If to talk about her looks and physique we might end up saying that she is a combo of cuteness hotness and sex appeal. She has a great body, good curves, all aligned up to make her a successful actor and model as well. She did her debut with the movie GAME.

8. Airin Sultana

Another newbie Airin Sultana gets the 8th position on the list because of some of her recently released movies like, Bhalobasha Zindabad, Cheleti Abol Tabol, Meyeti Pagol Pagol which attained her both name and fame. She started her career in the media industry after winning a competition in 2008 named as Pantene You Got The Look. She won the award for Best Smile.

Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses
Airin Sultana

Her debut movie was Bhalobasha Zindabad which was released in 2013. Airin is one of the most in demand actresses within a year. She recently has signed to work for 6 movies and also she is about to sign 2 more movies to work on.

7. Bidya Sinha Saha Mim

Mim showed that apart from beauty, she also possesses the talent of acting because of her most recent movie Katatar. Well she is also popular for her figure and looks. Well she is also been amongst the top models in Bangladesh for a long time. Born on November 10, 1992, Mim is one of the highest paid actresses in the industry and one of the most established models in Asia.

Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses
Bidya Sinha Saha Mim

She also is a brand ambassador for many brands. Well many such achievements of her brings to 7th position on our list.

6. Afiea Nusrat Barsha

Known for being in some successful movies, actress Barsha is another popular name in Dhallywood, she did some good movies with her actor Husband Ananto Jalil, also as a matter of fact, all the movies that were directed by Ananto Jalil, had Barsha as female lead. She got married to Ananto Jalil after working in some movies and currently she is waiting for some of her movies to get released soon.

Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses
Afies Nusrat Barsha

She has appeared in mostly big budgeted movies and Barsha too has made her mark with fabulous acting and dance performances. Well due to this, Afies Nursat Barsha secures 6th position on the list.

5. Apu Biswas

Apu Biswas is a known face in a film industry of Bangladesh as she has been working in it from many years. Having a bulky physique, she faced some failures in her previous movies but then she made a comeback by reducing about 27 Kgs. Well her success on reducing her weight to this extent also has made her a sensation and a subject of discussion in the industry.

Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses
Apu Biswas

Now she is also known for her figure and beauty. She is back on the track with bang on looks to allure many spectators and audiences in her coming movies. Born on October 11, 1983, she made her debut with the movie Kal Sokale in 2006. Well, being for so many years in the industry and making some good hits, she is on the 5th position on the list of top ten most beautiful actresses of Bangladesh.

4. Achol

Achol is a newbie in Dhallywood. And she established her showbiz career recently. A cute adorable face and attractive figure, she is no less than a heartbeat skipper for her admirers.

Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses

She made her Debut with the movie Bhool in 2011. Achol made her acitng commercial debut with the movie Jotil Prem in 2013. She experienced tremendous success during her early years in the industry. Well after that she did not make that big jumps in the context of success, however she hasn’t just stopped achieving. Her upcoming movies would also help her get more fame soon enough. She was a model for a small time and also she has done theatre in 2007. All of these facts about her bring her at number 4 on the list of top ten most beautiful actresses of Bangladesh.

3. Eamin Haque Bobby

Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses
Eamin Haque Bobby

Another beautiful hot actress in Bangladesh is Bobby. A talented girl with looks, this girl is another great combo pack of both. She is one of the best item song dancer in Bangla films. She is in a relationship with a producer named as Iftekhar Ahmed. Well her most charming looks and awesome performance on the screen brings her to 3rd position of the list. She did her debut with the movie Khoj: The Search in 2010. Bobby started her career as a model. She won the title of beauty pageant contest Miss Asia Pacific Bangladesh.

2. Pori moni

Pori Moni is a sensation in the industry as well as in the young generation of Bangladesh. Well why shouldn’t it be? She is so beautiful and charming that she has been a subject of discussion all over the country as soon as she stepped into the Bangladeshi film industry. Pori is waiting for around 10 movies to get released. We expect these movies to appear on the screens as soon as possible and also we are sure that her fans might also be waiting for the same.

Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses
Pori moni

Well her first movie in which she acted was Rana Plaza which did not get released due to certain reasons. She is also working on many new projects. She also started her career with modeling after completing her school in 2012.

1. Mahiya Mahi

Mahiya Mahi is the top actress in Bangladesh. All of her movies are becoming hit and making great success in the box office. Well to talk about her looks, she is so pretty, so beautiful that you can’t remove your eyes off her face for a while. Born on October 27, 1990 she is said to be the most popular and attractive Bangladeshi actress all over the media. She did her debut with the movie Bhalobashar Rong which was released in 2012. In 2013, she appeared in four films.

Beautiful Hottest Bangladeshi Actresses
Mahiya Mahi

She is said to be a new sensation by media people in Bangladesh. Also some programs over the Bangladeshi TV have claimed Mahiya Mahi to be the best actress of 2013. In 2014 she became brand ambassador of Fair & Lovely.