10 Things Must be Avoided During Pregnancy

Avoided During Pregnancy

To becoming mother of a child is dream of every woman. When she conceived she got chance to live her dream, as now she is not alone! A small baby is taking breath in her womb. Pregnancy is the time when she should be careful at everything which she is doing. She should be particular from her daily diet to her everyday’s activities, from her physical works to her mental activities. It is a wonderful feeling experienced by every woman in her life, even for once.

However, there are many myths floating around an expecting mother. This is too confusing. Still there are some things which should be completely avoided during pregnancy, for the welfare of baby and mom. It is priority of her to maintain these protocols, which are given below. Here are some codes of behaviour which a pregnant woman must follow. This list will bring a pregnant woman out from her dilemma which she faces in during her pregnancy.

10 things must be avoided during pregnancy:

1. Smoking – Must be Avoided During Pregnancy

Avoided During Pregnancy

Smoking can result in premature delivery of baby or early rupture of membranes in the mother. It also restricted the passes of oxygen intake of fetus, affect the baby in its growth, increase the risk of congenital defects and reduce weight and size of fetus. Research says maternal smoking can cause early puberty in boys and increase the drug dependency in the girls. Smoking during pregnancy gives negative effects.

2. Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Avoided During Pregnancy

In the case of drink consumption during pregnancy there is no guidelines. Although it is a fact that it is harmful, but still it is mystery why it’s harmful?

Latest research is saying that consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can result in birth deficiency or ill-effect. Like poor physical growth, mental disability or learning deficiency. In fact excessive consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to create a disease in baby called “Fetal alcohol syndrome”. It is an epidemic.

Pregnant themselves admit in interview that the consumption of drink create so many complications in their pregnancy.

3. Use of Drugs

Avoided During Pregnancy

Use of drugs like cocaine can cause serious damage to unborn children. It results in low birth weight and several types of serious complications in the child after delivery. Other types of drugs like heroin or coca or opiates are also bad for a pregnant woman.

Consumption of drugs can cause hallucination in mother’s health which wills deteriorate the baby’s health.

4. Avoid Over Exercise

Avoided During Pregnancy

Exercise is good in pregnancy but in moderate amount but heart beat rate should not be increase more than 160 bpm it can result in going less oxygen to the baby. It can be result in damaged of baby’s brain. Work out should be avoided completely as well as pregnant woman should not use trade mill. It can result in death of the fetus.

Meditation and yoga is good during pregnancy. Some light, easy and simple exercises are good for an expecting mom. These are some important point a pregnant woman must maintain.

5. Hot Bath or Sauna

Avoid Over Exercise

Excessive sauna bath is not a good idea in pregnancy or excessive uses of hot water bags. It can result in uterus getting overheated which can lead to death of the fetal.

6. Massage

Avoid Over Exercise

It is a fine idea to receive some light massage in spas from trained and professional people. But home based massage should be avoided from maid or family members. Massage receiving from untrained people can result in preterm labor pain. So many hidden complications can create evils effects. Hard massage should not be encouraged.

7. Standing for Long Hours

Avoid Over Exercise

Standing from long time on feet by pregnant women is not a fine idea as it can result in varicose veins as well as edema (abnormal accumulation of fluid) in the legs and feet. It is good to take rest in 24 hours by lying and sitting. So, she should not constantly stand in kitchen even she should not sit for the long time in front of computer. It will make her tired and irritation. It’s very important to take rest in her 24 hours day apart from her 9 hours sleep.

8. Tension – Must be Avoided During Pregnancy

Avoid Over Exercise

Stress is a major problem for mother and her baby. Research says baby who is in her mom’s womb connected with her. So baby experience the mother’s emotional stuffs. Stresses are conflict will make the baby scared and baby will face it even after birth. When she is facing anxiousness or stress, the child will also face so. Even married-hood tensions can damaged the growth of fetus. During conflict baby will face fear.

9. X-Rays

Avoid Over Exercise

Doctor says it is better to avoid X-Rays during pregnancy because its heat can affect the fetus. It can cause genetic damage, even death of the fetus.

10. Bad Diet

Avoid Over Exercise

Bad and unhealthy diet is most dangerous thing to do in pregnancy as it can harm the health of the baby. Weight loss is a common phenomenon in pregnancy; it doesn’t mean she will consume fatty food or food with cholesterol. It will be a fine idea to consume healthy food which should be clean and properly cooked food. Fresh vegetable, yogurt, fruits, salad these are some good diet for a pregnant women.

Yogurt will make the fetus healthier, beautiful and it will give fair complexion to her baby. It will be a good idea to have at least one glass of milk during pregnancy if she is not a lacto- intolerant.