Top 10 Best Street Food in the World

Following is a quick list of some of the Top 10 must-try street food around the world which one must not miss.


Street foods have graced every cuisine into its very raw form, and provide you a small sneak-peak into a country’s history, cuisine and beliefs. If you are skipping the street food for typical fork-and-knife restaurant food, then you are missing out on severe fun! Following is a quick list of some of the top 10 must-try street food around the world which one must not miss. Include them in your travel munching list, and go on a street-food spree!!!

Here are top 10 best street food in the World :

10. Pulled Pork

best street food
Pulled Pork

Where to Eat It : USA

Said to be the Most delicious street food around the world is pulled pork, which is a major street delicacy amongst Americans. North Carolina is your ultimate destination to taste some lip-smacking smoky-sweet pulled pork, drowsed in rich BBQ sauce and arranged into a sandwich. Well, a serious foodie commitment, isn’t it?

9. Bubble Tea

best street food
Bubble Tea

Where to Eat It : Taiwan

Bubble, Pearl or Boba Tea basically came up from Taichung in the 1980s, and has evolved into greater categories. If you are thirsty for a refreshing cup of classic milky sweetened tea, then Bubble Tea is your ultimate choice. Ranging from sweetened milky versions to fruity sip-ups like mango or passion fruit, it begins with a strange taste, but is surely addictive.

8. Bakso

best street food

Where to Eat It : Indonesia

US President Barack Obama openly declared his love for this meatball soup delicacy when he was on a trip in Indonesia! And why not?! These ground beef balls can melt anyone’s heart within seconds, soaked in a simple broth with noodles, boiled eggs and shallots. Try a bowl, and slurp your way out!!

7. Crêpe

best street food

Where to Eat It : Paris

Available any time of day, the crêpe is a beloved feature of any Parisian street scene. Savory crêpes, usually made with buckwheat flour and served for lunch or dinner, are commonly filled with ham and cheese, though you can find versions containing vegetables, eggs, and other meats. Sweet crêpes, typically made with wheat flour and served for breakfast or dessert, contain sugar, fruit preserves, custards, or Nutella. For the widest selection in the city, head to the boulevard Montparnasse, where you’ll find stand after stand of budget crêperie options.

6. Bhel Puri

best street food
Bhel Puri

Where to Eat It: India

India’s street snacks, collectively known as chaat, vary greatly from region to region, but bhel puri can be found in most parts of the country. Still, Mumbai is the best place to find the real deal: a combination of puffed rice, fried vermicelli-like noodles called sev, vegetables, spices, and chutneys. The result is an exciting balance of textures and sweet, salty, tangy, and spicy flavors. The dish is often associated with Mumbai’s beaches, but it can found at street stalls throughout the city.

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5. Churros

best street food

Where to Eat It : Spain

Do you have a sweet tooth? Because Churros are your ultimate street munchies! They can be eaten plain, dipped in chocolate (awesome) or can be rolled in cinnamon sugar. They are sweet, crunchy and deep fried- every street food lover’s meal! Said to be one of the Top 10 must-try street food around the world, Churros is impossible to miss!

4. Tajine or Tagine

best street food

Where to Eat It : Marrakesh

Tajine basically derives its name from the Tajine pot, which is an earthenware pot in which the food is cooked and served hot. It is a Berber stew which is cooked for hours slowly on a line of hot coals, and is the most popular street food around Morocco. The dish consists of basic components that are meat (lamb, chicken, or beef), green vegetables, herbs and spices, fruit and nuts. The dish is eaten with couscous or bread and tastes heavenly delicious.

3. Supplì

best street food

Where to Eat It : Rome

A smaller version of Sicilian arancini, these fried rice balls are named for the word “surprise” (albeit the French pronunciation), a reference to the oozing bit of mozzarella found inside. Though the recipe once included chicken gizzards, the ingredients have more or less stayed the same for the past century: rice, ragù made with ground beef and tomatoes, and mozzarella. Supplì were once sold by street vendors, but these days you can find the addictive croquettes at any Roman pizza spot or grocery store. The traditional recipe is still ubiquitous, but in recent years Romans have taken a liking to innovative versions that feature a wide—and, appropriately, surprising—range of ingredients.

2. Dürüm

best street food

Where to Eat It : Istanbul

Interpreted as “Roll” or “Shawarma”, Dürüm is usually made with the help of flatbreads like Armenian lavash or Turkish yufka. It consists of döner kebab ingredients such as spiced meat (usually lamb), topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions along with yogurt (mixed with chopped herbs) and hot sauce. Though it’s highly consumed in Germany, but the Turkish version is to die for and is said to be the best Street food around the world.

1. Bánh mì

best street food
Bánh mì

Where to Eat It : Ho Chi Minh City

Bánh Mì is the perfect amalgamation of Western and Eastern ingredients, tastes and spices, resulting into a mouth-watering sandwich which no one can refuse to eat. The dish, known to be the Most popular street food around Ho Chi Minh City, consists of a baguette stuffed with meat (grilled pork, meatballs, or cold cuts), cucumber slices, liver pâté, cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon and a layer of mayonnaise. Drooling by just the thought of it, eh?