Top 10 Best Dating Websites In India

Best Dating Websites In India
Best Dating Websites In India

Top 10 Best Dating Websites In India : Online dating is becoming a trend in India and while people initially logged on to websites only to find a suitable match, Indians these days prefer to get to know the person they want to spend their lives with. Dating has become more acceptable these days and Indians are more open-minded when it comes to dating.

Instead of just finding a person that they would talk to about marriage, dating sites these days are more about meeting and getting to know the person maybe just as a friend to begin with.

If you’re wondering how this works out, here’s a list of the top ten best dating websites in India where you could find dates, friends or even your life partner.

#10. Inmatch helps thousands of singles find their right partner every year. The tagline for says it all ‘1 in 5 relationships start online and more of them start at’. This site has millions of users where singles can find their perfect partner and start dating only after verifying the credibility of their potential matches.

#9. Flirtbox

Flirtbox is one of the most popular websites where you can get to know singles in your area. If you’re not too comfortable meeting them, you can just chat with them online and meet them only once you’re confident that they are worth meeting in person. The website has a large number of users and you can connect with people who share similar interests as you.

#8. Metrodate

Metrodate is one of the most popular dating sites for singles. The unique part of this dating site is that it is 100% free to use. All users need to do is register by entering their basic details and start looking for potential matches on the site. Users can also choose to share their photos and videos on the website for other potential matches to view. This site also has the option for singles to flirt and contact other singles. There are live chat rooms and various interest groups for singles to explore on this site.

#7. Easy date

Easy date is a convenient way to find people who you can go on dates with. The best thing about the platform is that it helps you connect with people who share similar interests as you and it makes it easy for you to pick people. There are a large number of people who have signed up on the website either to find a date or to find a loving partner. While this is a casual website, a number of people who met using the platform managed to find their soul mates and their relationship has even gone a step further and they have got married.

#6. Truly madly

Truly madly helps single people find their true love. The tagline of this website is ‘IS IT LOVE THAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? THE TRUEST, MADDEST KIND?’. Signing up on the website is easy. Users can also authenticate their profile further by uploading employment and ID proofs taking authentication to the next level.

#5. Tinder app

While it’s easier to use this website on your Smartphone, Tinder can also be used on your system. The app is popular worldwide and is one of the most convenient ways to find a quick date around you. It’s simple, convenient and easy. You can connect with a number of people around you and all you need to do is like their picture and wait for them to like yours back.

#4. Quack quack

Quack quack is a popular friendship and dating website. Users need to register and can meet over 7 Lakh registered users. These users will be segregated based on their preferences and the place where they stay. Users just need to enter their basic details to register and Quack quack does the rest.

#3. Step out

If you prefer to chat with your potential date before you meet them in person then Step is a great platform that you can use. It’s very easy to sign up on the platform and you can create your profile using your Google or Facebook account too. You can connect with a number of people who share similar interests and it helps you make loads of friends and even find that someone special.

#2. Fropper has a large number of users in India. The website is very easy to use and convenient. You can find people that you would like to go on a date with or people you want to play games with. The website is fun, interactive and has loads of features. While dating is the core focus of the website, a large number of people have also managed to make some friends using the website. You could even find the love of your life on

#1. Vee

Vee is the leading online dating website in India these days. It is fresh, unique and very interactive. The website offers a wide number of features that are very different from all other dating websites in India currently. The best part about the website is that you can express yourself freely and let people know what you like and what you’re interested in without having to worry about people judging you.