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Food lovers scanning the internet for a last minute party requirement better keep your eyes open. Hunger can catch up to you anytime of the day, better be ready for the worse. Not everyone knows or loves cooking and going to restaurants sometimes requires a lot of effort.

Shifting to a new city for your dream job or college is awesome and fancy until you get really homesick and start missing ‘mothers meal’.

You have two choices : either start cooking at home in the little time that remains after a busy day at office or eat out at restaurants daily and expect to die early (you won’t die really but do you wanna risk it?).

Here is a list of top 20 food delivery apps in India :

1. Foodpanda

Founded by Rohit Chadda, Akhilesh Bali and Amit Kohli in 2012, Foodpanda is the most popular food delivery app in India. It is free to download on Android and iOS platforms. It has a larger database of restaurants in metropolises, cities and major towns. Foodpanda lets users create profiles, save favourite restaurants and get quick access to them. It offers different payment options including cash on delivery and debit / credit cards.

Available on : Android, Web

2. Zomato

Developed by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chadda in 2008, Zomato is free to download on all three leading mobile platforms: Windows smartphones, iOS and Android. The app operates in India and abroad. It features a huge database of restaurants and food outlets. You can even get to know about ‘thelas’ on offer. It is extremely easy to use and gets regularly updated to keep bugs away. Zomato app also integrates a network of food enthusiasts and reviewers. You can choose from restaurants for dining based on their reviews. You can review restaurants and their menu by creating a profile on their website.

Available on : Android, Web

3. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s pizza delivery app is mostly popular with pizza lovers across India. It works on Android, Windows Smartphones and iOS. The app provides users with the easiest way to order food without making a call. The unique feature of Domino’s Pizza delivery app is that it allows users to apply coupons to their orders and also choose the mode of payment as per their convenience.

Available on: Android, iOSWebWindows Phone

4. Masala box

Masalabox brings you a unique home-to-home dining experience, from the kitchens of some incredibly talented home chefs directly to your doorstep. Our dishes range from regional tastes to world cuisines and are prepared using fresh handpicked ingredients with utmost love and care …just as you would make it at home. A premium platform that provides chef made home food. With some 25 skilled home chefs, this app has an edge over others in delivering comfort food to your door.

Serving : Bangalore, Kochi

Available onAndroidiOS, Web

5. Spicebox

Home-made Meals and Tiffin service delivering veg/non-veg food items with minimal oil/masala and the best part is that no dish is repeated in a month.

Available on: Android, Web ,iOS

Serving: Mumbai

6. TastyKhana

TastyKhana was founded by Shachin Bharadwaj and Sheldon D’souza in 2007. Available on Android and iOS platforms, it enables users to get instant access to its database of over 7,000 restaurants across India. It provides a few options to let users create profiles, save restaurant locations and their previous orders. You can choose to pay through net banking, cash on delivery or credit/debit card. Foodpanda acquired this food delivery service in 2014.

Available on : Android, iOS

7. Yumist

Based out of Gurgaon, Yumist provides good quality home style reasonably priced meals.

Founded by Ex-CMO Zomato Alok Jain, this app’s keen focus is providing value meals to corporates.

Serving : Gurgaon, South Delhi & Noida.

Available on : Android, iOS, Web

8. Holachef

If you’re not looking to get some hearty food from the best local chefs at your doorstep, then this website is for you. With personal investment from Ratan Tata the future looks bright for Hola.

Serving : Mumbai, Pune

Available on : AndroidiOS, Web

9. Eatlo

Serving Snacks and Lunch orders through the network of seven chefs in Bangalore, Eatlo caters around 1000 orders a day from a rotating menu of 8 items.

Serving : Bangalore

Available on : Android, iOS, Web

10. Foodcloud is an online portal that connects foodies with home chefs and caterers in Delhi-NCR. It is the best place for you to find and order delicious home-cooked food made with love! On our platform, you can choose from a variety of cuisines and menus and have many mouthwatering treats delivered to your doorstep! With over 100 chefs and 30 plus cuisines, this online portal connects foodies with caterers and chefs. You can review and rate the chefs and the best chef is awarded as chef of the month.

Serving : Delhi/NCR

Available on : Android, Web

11. Biteclub

Daily changing menu of wholesome meals prepared by an aggregated community of home chefs, amateur chefs and professional chefs delivering 250-300 meals a day.

Serving : New Gurgaon/Delhi

Available on : Android, iOS, Web

12. Tinyowl Homemade

Riding high on the success of their restaurant food delivery app, the Tinyowl team now provides home food from the kitchens of best local chefs through this app. The registered chefs are licensed food providers and the company helps them set up permits etc.

Serving : Mumbai

Available on : Android, iOS

13. Faaso’s

Kallol Banerjee and Jaydeep Barman are the founders of this food delivery app that hit the market in 2011. Faaso’s food delivery app is compatible with Windows Phones, Android and iPhones. It is mostly used in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune. The app is fairly simple to use and allows users to customize their orders in multiple ways.

Serving : Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune

Available on : Android, iOSWeb

14. Swiggy

Swiggy food delivery app is the latest entrant in the Indian market. Founded by Rahul Jaimini, Nandan Reddy and Sriharsha Majety in 2014, Swiggy started operating in Bangalore and spread out in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi NCR in 2015. It is a single window for foodies to order food from a wide range of restaurants from any neighbourhood. Supported by an exclusive fleet of delivery boys, Swiggy provides efficient service. Unlike other food delivery apps, Swiggy has no minimum order policy. The USP of Swiggy is one delivery at a time ensuring fast and reliable service. Moreover, it offers lucrative coupons and deals.

Serving : Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi NCR

Available on: Android, iOSWeb

15. FoodMingo

Founded by Pushpinder Singh in 2012, FoodMingo is currently operating across Hyderabad, Pune, Banglaore and Aurangabad. Available for free download on Android, iOS and Windows phones, FoodMingo app enables users to order food online from and book tables at restaurants of their choice. It also offers coupons and deals from its partner restaurants in those cities. Users of FoodMingo app can track their orders in real time.

Serving : Hyderabad, Pune, Banglaore and Aurangabad

Available on : Android, iOSWeb

16. TravelKhana

Compatible with Android smartphones, this food delivery app is very helpful for train travellers in India. As the name suggests, TravelKhana enables travellers to order food of their choice from their train compartments. It relieves travellers from the ordeal of eating junk food on railway platforms. TravelKhana operates 24 hours to deliver fresh food in over 2000 trains across India. You can also use TravelKhana app to check the PNR status of your booking and time table of trains.

Serving : TravelKhana serves customers in more than 6,000 trains every day and in more than 500 cities in India

Available on: Android, Web

17. TinMen

Based in Hyderabad, TinMen ties up with home chefs to deliver homemade food to office goers across the city. The mobile-based technological version of Mumbai dabbawalahs as cofounder Mukesh Manda refers to it, TinMen works on a B2B model. Companies that take care of their employees’ health by offering them food as a perk recharge the TinMen wallet with an amount for the employees who then order food using the app till the amount runs out.

Available on: Android

18. Million Kitchen

From the house of a youth run and focused Delhi-based NGO, this app provides home cooked food prepared by women hailing from various socio-economic backgrounds.

19. Just Eat

Just Eat is one of the fast-growing food delivery apps in India. It lets users locate restaurants and order food on the go. It delivers orders from over 3000 restaurants and lets users choose from 52 cuisines and 3 lakh dishes. Just Eat food delivery app saves users’ address and provides them with coupons to let them save on time and money respectively.

Available on: AndroidWindows Phone, Windows 8, iOS

20. Times City

The Times of India’s app is a multi-purpose one for anyone who lives in an Indian city and likes to be informed on stuff that’s happening around him/her. The Times City app lets you know everything that may be going on around you with respect to the theatre, movies and other events but it’s also a great restaurant recommendation service on its own.

Available on : iOS, Android, Windows Phone