10 Most Awkward And Weird Photobombs Of The Year 2016

10 Most Insane Photobombs From Around The World!


We live in the 21st century where everyone has a camera in their phones or the ones specialized for taking photos and we carry them almost everywhere we go. As a result, there are also literally millions of pictures and selfies being captured uploaded on the internet every day. So it is kind of natural that a few photos slip through the internet in a way the photographer didn’t intend to click them.

One trend that’s popular in the current era of photography is photobombing, which Urban dictionary defines as, “Intentionally posting in other people’s photos, for a later surprise. Usually, people making funny faces in the background, without the knowledge of the main subjects of the photo.” Here are 10 photobombs from the internet that are hilarious.

1.The Joe Pesci

The Joe Pesci Photobombs

This picture reminds us of the Lethal Weapon 3 movie poster in which Joe Pesci is shown trying to peer over Meg Gibson and Danny Glover’s shoulders.

2. The Classic Crotch Grab

Classic Crotch Grab
Classic Crotch Grab

Photobombers don’t always have to pull a funny face. At times, there are those who like to take things up a notch with a crotch grab.

3. The Foreground Photobomb

The Foreground Photobomb
The Foreground Photobomb

While traditionally all photo-bombers are in the background of the picture, this one breaks the rules and the photo-bomber is literally in front of you ruining a good picture.

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4. The Creepy Leer

The Creepy Leer

We can’t be the only ones who are a little freaked out when people look over our shoulders at what we’re doing. We can only imagine what the girl in front is going to think when she sees this photo.

5. The Ultimate Distraction

The Ultimate Distraction
Someone tried to take a cute picture of a couple sharing a moment but what will distract you is the fat guy in the back without a shirt on flaunting his moobs. It’s not even avoidable.

6. Grossed Out

Grossed Out
We can’t tell whether she’s being serious or she’s aware there’s a photo being taken and she’s seizing her opportunity. Also, note the guy in the background who seems more interested in the grossed out woman than the kissing couple. Could it be love at first sight?

7. The Shocked Animal

The Shocked AnimalEven animals? You’d wonder. But yeah they seem to be getting on the act too. And they’re not aware of what they’re doing obviously so the photobombing ends up getting even funnier.

8. The Overreaction

The OverreactionPop quiz: A photo is about to be taken with you in the background. You don’t know anyone involved. You have seconds to choose an expression or pose. What do you do? This guy went for Norwegian black metal vocalist.

9. The Mooner

The MoonerThere has to be one! It’s a main component of photobombing. You may not expect it but it will turn up in your photo collection someday. And thankfully here, this guy kept his pants still on!

10. The One We Found That We Just Had To Include

10-of-the-most-awkward-photobombs-ever-10Okay so it may be a movie and it’s most likely taken out of context, but we can’t help but giggle at the wide-eyed monster who’s curious about this mysterious human emotion call “love”.