How to chat with new font on WhatsApp ?

new font on WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently added a new features to make its platform both convenient and fun.
Users of WhatsApp will now be able to use a different font for chatting.

The feature has been spotted in Android beta build (version 2.16.179). The feature is available on the Android app, and The feature is also available on the iOS app.

WhatsApp adds new font: Here’s how to use it

  1. Use backquote (`) three times before and after word.
    Example : If you want to type “Feedmaza” in the new font on WhatsApp then, you will have to type it like this “`Feedmaza“`
new font on WhatsApp
backquote (`)
For iOS user :

iPhone owners might struggle to take advantage of the new feature since the ` character is tough to locate onthe default Apple iOS keyboard. You need to hit the 123 key in the corner of the keyboard and then press and hold on the apostrophe to find the grave accent.

For Android user :

On Android, you will find it on the second page of punctuation and symbols.

new font on WhatsApp

Note : The font change cannot be accompanied with other formatting options like bold or italics.

WhatsApp has previously added the ability to send bold, italics and strikethrough text in your messages.

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