10 Awesome Facts About Russian Girls


Russian girls are among the most beautiful in the world. However, I bet that you’ve probably heard plenty of other stories and stereotypes about these women as well.

The Russian women are known for their beauty and dressing sense. They always dressed normally like they are going to party, theaters or to some show where lot of people would be there to see them. Russian women apply make up always on them in a way that they should look beautiful.

These ladies are so much more than just a pretty face looking for a passport. Here are 10 awesome and funny facts about Russian Girls that you will love to read about.

10. Russian Women Take Beauty Very Seriously

Most-Beautiful-Russian-WomenThese ladies are gorgeous. Sure, they have great genes, but they also take beauty very seriously. They spend a significant amount of time – and money – on cosmetics and skin care products.

9. Family Is Their Top Priority

Family Is Their Top PriorityFamily is the main priority for these girls. While women in Russia work hard to get a good education and build a career, husband and children are still in a top position. They may have demanding jobs, but these chicks will still raise a family and keep your household in place.

8. They Love Romance

man-with-bouquetThese ladies believe that romance is crucial. They love it when men bring them flowers and write them poetry. What is more, they will expect you to treat them like a lady and to behave like a gentleman.

7. Most Have Great Figures

russian girl hot figureRussian women have hourglass or pear figures, and young girls are physically fit. They often play sports or exercise regularly to maintain a sexy body shape.

6. They’re Incredibly Loyal

man-with-womanYou may have heard horror stories of Russian women only being interested in money or a passport, but the truth is that these girls are incredibly loyal. When they fall in love, they tend to stay in that state for a very long time.

5. They Dress to Impress

Beautiful-Russian-womenJust like beauty is of great importance to them, so is fashion. Russian women always dress to impress. Every outfit they wear is perfectly coordinated from shoes to accessories.

4. Age Is Just a Number to Them

loyal-coupleTo Russian girls, age is nothing more than a number. They are looking for a man who is reliable and can provide. This is not to say that she won’t work, but she still needs a guy that she can rely on.

3. They Settle Down Early in Life

bride-and-groomIn Russia, most women are married and start a family before they turn 30. Although, these girls begin to look for a husband earlier than in other parts of the world, they are still interested in going to university and furthering their education.

2. These Ladies Like to Be Courted

couple-hugging-each-otherRussian women tend to be very traditional. They love it when a man opens the door for them, helps them off the bus or helps them with their overcoat. To put it simply, these girls want to be treated like a lady.

1. They Are Strong & Well Educated

woman-showing-signs-of-attractionIf you thought Russian women were submissive and uneducated, you were wrong! They are strong in every sense of the word.