OMG! This puzzle is so Frustrating to solve. Where is the cellphone ?


This is the Internet, so viral images come and go, often with some puzzle or the other. And while most of them are fun to scroll by on Facebook, there are a few that become maddeningly frustrating. This latest image to go viral definitely falls into the latter category, as it’s really not easy at all. Forget figuring it out in 30 seconds, I know of people who have had to cheat using Google, because 5 minutes later there was still no answer – and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Take a look at the image, and see if you can find the hidden cell phone :

cellphone-puzzleIf you figured it out, major props to you. If not, here’s the solution:


Yes, it’s a phone (with a patterned cover) placed face-down on the carpet.