HTC has revealed its new flagship smartphone, known simply as HTC 10. Launched via a virtual event, the new handset takes a fresh look at what HTC has done in the past and feels like a real step forward for the company.

HTC 10. It’s more of what you’re looking for in a flagship phone. Unparalleled performance. Superb 24-bit Hi-Res sound. The world’s first Optical Image Stabilisation in both front and back cameras. All in a beautifully crafted metal unibody.

Meet HTC 10. The smartphone crafted with obsession. You get unprecedented control. Off the chart performance. And innovations like the world’s first dual OIS for pro level photos front and back, as well as end-to-end 24-bit Hi-Res sound. We’re redefining what a flagship phone is truly meant to be. And think you’ll love the result.

In short, HTC 10 will come with new BoomSound technology, Dolby Surround Sound and best in class DAC. There’s also an HTC 10 Lifestyle version, which will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor.