11 Interesting & Funny Facts About FC Barcelona Soccer Team

Source : http://freshwallpapers.net/sports/fc-barcelona.html
Source : http://freshwallpapers.net/sports/fc-barcelona.html

We all know that FC Barcelona is one of the best Football clubs but many of us are unknown to its history. We brings to you some facts that is very interesting and funny about Spanish La Liga club . These FC Barcelona facts incorporates its history, stadium and team also.

1. FC Barcelona was found after an advertisement in the newspaper


On October 22nd, 1899 a football enthusiast Hans Kamper placed an advertisement in the local newspaper that he wished to form a football club and interested people should contact him, on seeing this ad Joan Gamper along with Gimnasio Sole and eleven other players met Kamper for a meeting on November 29th, 1899 which in turn led to the formation FC Barcelona.

2. FC Barcelona fans are also known as the ‘Ass’.

Barca fans are called ‘cules’ in Catalon whose English meaning is ‘ass’. Many people think that the name infers for Ass as in the donkey but Ass related to Butt. During the Barca Match, Barca fans used to sit in highest row of the stadium showing their culés to passer-bys. In this way the name “Cules” started.

3. Fierce rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid expands to more than just football

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid
FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are not only best football clubs in Spain but also the fierce competitors in football and beyond football. The rivalry stems from Franco’s dictatorship; Real Madrid was a symbol of nationalism and was favored by the Franco and his regime while Barca was against Franco and his regime while .

4. Barcelone was forced to change their name to Club de Futbol Barcelona in 1939


Under Franco regime, the Catalan language and symbols were banned and the team was compelled to change their name to Club de Futbol Barcelona in 1939. The Catalan flag was also removed from the club shield. Regardless of this, the stadium remained one of the only places during Franco’s regime where Catalan could be spoken and their flags could be shown freely.

5. Club de Futbol Barcelona changed its name back to Futbol Club Barcelona.

FC barcelona
FC barcelona

FC-BarcelonaIn 1974, the club changed their name back to Futbol Club Barcelona.

6. Maracanã of Spain, Camp Nou?

The size fo FC Barelona’s home ground Camp Nou built in 1957 was previously the same as Brazil’s Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. With a capacity of 98,000, Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe and the third largest stadium in the world. It was the world’s third highest and Europe’s largest stadium to hold 1,20,000 spectators. The Camp Nou stadium stadium size was diminished over the years to maintain security.

7. FC Barcelona is required to learn the Catalan Language


All FC Barca players are required to learn and speak Catalan as FC Barcelona’s President is Joan Laporta, a self-proclaimed nationalist and Barca has always been a huge Catalan supporter. This rule applies to all foreign players as well, but an exception has been made for few famous players such as Lionel “Leo” Messi for whom it is not mandatory, Messi has never spoken publicly in Catalan except once, when he was drunk after an Barca win and ended up talking in Catalan through a megaphone.

8. FC Barcelona- A prized club

The FIFA Ballon d’Or (Golden ball) trophy
The FIFA Ballon d’Or (Golden ball) trophy

Barca is the club with most numbers of Ballon d’Or champs under its name. Ballon d’Or is a prestigious prize that FIFA gives to the best football player of the year worldwide. There have been no less than 10 Ballon d’Or cups won by a Barca player.

9. FC Barcelona advertised corporate sponsors on their uniforms on 2006 for the first time


Since it was established, Barca has declined to promote corporate supporters on their uniforms. On July fourteenth, 2006, the club announced to include UNICEF logo on their shirts for the first time in Barca’s history. The club donates €1.5 million each year to UNICEF as per fiver years agreement.

10. Glorious Victory on First Offiicial Match


The first official match was played in the Camp Nou on the 6th October 1957 against Real Jaén. FC Barcelona won with 6 goals to 1.

11.Catalan Language Promotion

In 2007, Laporta committed a few tickets for the FC Barcelona versus Real Madrid match to Federació Lull, an organization which spreads the Catalan language.