8 things you need to know before buying iPhone SE

iphone SE
iphone SE

SE iPhone has a dual core processor Apple A9 M9 co-processor, 12-megapixel camera with support for 4K video and Live Photos as well as fast Wi-Fi and LTE. Introducing a new product, Apple noted that she for computing power is twice the iPhone 5s, and the graphics performance is three times. However, iPhone SE still cannot be called “iPhone 6s in the guise of iPhone 5s”.

1. The lack of 3D display Touch

Apple chose to ignore that the iPhone SE will not support the function “quick action” 3D Touch, which allows you to call the context menu for application icons, move the cursor and the preview links and upload photos from the browser.

2. The Touch ID scanner of the first generation

iPhone SE got slower than the iPhone 6s fingerprint scanner Touch ID. The same is used in the iPhone 6 while the new flagship of Apple — the sensor 2-generation, which responds to touch with greater speed and accuracy. In other words, the speed of operation of the scanner in iPhone SE are significantly behind the performance of the scanner for removing a fingerprint in the iPhone 6s. Of course, the comfort of everyday use, this fact is unlikely to affect the more will turn into a critical issue, but “precipitate” from Apple to save on components.

3. 2 GB RAM

The amount of RAM in the iPhone SE was not mentioned during the official presentation of the gadget, nor in the specs on the official site. Initially it was assumed that the smartphone is 1 GB of RAM, which corresponds to the usual Apple policy. However, the data from the AnTuTu benchmark says otherwise and show 2 GB of RAM as the flagship models.

4. Record breaking performance

iPhone SE performance
iPhone SE performance

The SE performance of iPhone is really very high. Benchmarks that assess the computing power of the device showed that the smartphone is more productive almost all the flagship solutions on the market. In AnTuTu, the model was shown in the result 134 of 358 points. Thus, SE iPhone ahead of performance not only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with their 80, 000 points, but top-end iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which show the average score on 132 500 points. Moreover, the compact smartphone was more powerful than Apple announced last month the Samsung Galaxy S7.

5. SE iPhone is compatible with iPhone 5s

iPhone SE seems to be only slightly modified version of the iPhone 5s. Camera, buttons, connectors and sensors remained in the same place as that of the predecessor fifth series. But most importantly, the iPhone SE not only stylistically follows the design of the iPhone 5s, but it has exactly identical dimensions of the parameters. This allows you to buy covers and many other accessories designed for the iPhone 5s, without spending means for their purchase in the official Apple store and not waiting for the appearance on the shelves of desirable diversity.

6. The selfie-camera is worse than iPhone 5s

Front ocellus in iPhone SE was even worse than the iPhone 5s. He got a 1.2-megapixel sensor (f2.4), as in iPhone 5, while iPhone 5s packaged with a f/2.2, and the iPhone 6s module resolution increased to 5 megapixels.

7. There is no barometer

iPhone SE is equipped with a coprocessor M9, but without the barometer is the barometric pressure sensor, which allows you to monitor the activity of man (how high up the stairs, what floor, etc.) without involving GPS.

8. Autonomy is better than the iPhone 6s

If you believe the manufacturer, iPhone, the SE is the leader for the duration of the operation on a single battery charge. The new product managed to bypass both morally and technically outdated iPhone model 5s, date and the current flagship in the face of the iPhone 6s. For a visual comparison in graphs next door shows similar statistics on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s.